Caterpillar 330b Excavator Speed Sensor

Caterpillar 330b Excavator Speed Sensor
Model NO.: 330B
Description: Caterpillar 330b Excavator Speed Sensor
Specification: Standard
Material: Mixture
OE: 318-1181
Transport Package: Neutral
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Use the multimeter to check the resistance value ,Caterpillar 330b Excavator Speed Sensor the oil pressure gauge to see if it is in accordance with the specified value. If the measured resistance is less than the specified value, it indicates that the table has a short circuit fault; if the measured value is 00, it indicates that there is a circuit breaker or bad contact inside the table.Accuracy check and adjustment ,Caterpillar 330b Excavator Speed Sensor 2. oil pressure meter Test and adjustment ,Caterpillar 330b Excavator Speed Sensor needle deviation. The indicator and inspection, milliammeters (0 ~ 300 mA), a variable resistor (0 ~ 100) and 12 V battery, a test circuit. When the circuit is switched on after adjusting the variable resistor, milliammeters were shown in 60 mA, 170 mA and 240 mA, indicating needle should accordingly in 0,2 and 5 on the scale. Or in the “0” position, the pointer should be in the range ,Caterpillar 330b Excavator Speed Sensor 0 lines; in “5”, the error can not exceed 20%, otherwise it should be adjusted or repaired.