Caterpillar D350e Articulated Dump Truck Pressure Sensor
Caterpillar D350e Articulated Dump Truck Pressure Sensor
Model NO.: D350E
Material: Metal
Customized: Non-Customized
OE: 194-6725
Transport Package: Neutral
Production Process: Normal Wirewound
Wiring Type: Three-Wire
Description: Caterpillar D350e Series II Articulated Dump Truck
Specification: Standard
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The common faults ,Caterpillar D350e Pressure Sensor the electric heating meter are the contact erosion, the leakage ,Caterpillar D350e Pressure Sensor the joint ,Caterpillar D350e Pressure Sensor the sensor tube and the damage ,Caterpillar D350e Pressure Sensor the electric coil. When the contact is ablated, the fine sand paper is used for grinding. When the tube joint leakage, can be soldered along the crack. If the electric heating coil is burnt out, a double silk or glass fiber insulated copper nickel alloy wire with a diameter ,Caterpillar D350e Pressure Sensor 0.112 mm is used for imitation. The winding method: use the left thumb and middle finger to hold the case, the index finger gently press and hold just one turn coil winding, the right hand thumb and index finger Qingnie wire, finger push winding, and then the working arm wire close to the “n” shaped complex sheet metal by pulled at the opening. Then from outside to inside the work arm wound. Each round, should pay attention to fresh or loose wire, pinch line fingers twisted wire make it fresh. This can prevent the damage ,Caterpillar D350e Pressure Sensor insulation or break because