1.Cylinder Head
1 intake valve seat Part No. E285670060
2 outlet valve seat Part No. E285670100
3 Valve inner conduit O-ring P20 Part No. Z560102024DZ
4 Nozzle guide sleeve Part No. E285670120
5 Valve inner conduit O-ring Part No. E405600310
6 Hole Spring Collar Part No. Z412006500ZZ
7 Exhaust valve with O-ring Part No. E285670400Z
8 O-ring Part No. E285670220
9 Stud Part No. E285670140
10 Stud Part No. E285670150
11 Stud Part No. E285670160
12 Round nut (for cylinder head) Part No. E325270070
13 Cylinder head gasket Part No. E285670180
14 Protective cap Part No. E285670200
15 Stopple Part No. M125610130
16 Pinth Part No. E285670260
17 Intake and exhaust pipe gaskets Part No. E285670280
18 Cooling water connector Part No. E285670300
19 O-ringP22A Part No. Z560102235ZZ
20 Stud Part No. E205650130
21 HT stud Part No. E180210140
22 HT nut Part No. E285670340
23 Stopple Part No. H150103400
24 Plug screw 1/8 Part No. X570001000ZZ
25 tapered plug1/8 Part No. Z571501000ZZ
26 tapered plug3/8 Part No. Z57150300ZZ
27 liner10 Part No. Z56500100ZZ
28 HTboltM16×180 Part No. X2050161180ZZ
29 HTboltM16×60 Part No. X205016060ZZ
30 round pin6×14 Part No. Z335606014ZZ
31 plug screw Part No. X570012000ZZ
32 liner42 Part No. Z565004200ZZ
33 guide sleeve of gas checkPart No. E285670050
34 Cylinder head assembly with the valve seat, catheters, tubing and casing chamber,BV

  1. Cylinder head cover
    35 O-ring Part No. E286370060
    36 hand shank Part No. E266300050
    37 Handle shaft Part No. E286370070
    38 Stud M10×55 Part No. X210010055ZZ
    39 spring pin4×24 Part No. Z415004024ZZ
  2. Starting valve
    40 Starting valve assembly
    41 Starting valve Part No. E286070050
    42 piston Part No. E286070060
    43 spring Part No. E286070080
    44 gasket Part No. E286070090
    45 nut Part No. E286070110
    46 bolt M12×55 Part No. X205012055ZZ
    47 cotter 2×20 Part No. Z320002020DZ
    48 O-ring G55 Part No. Z560205531ZZ
    49 gasket 48 Part No. Z665048000ZZ

4.cyliner liner
50 cyliner liner seat Part No. E285070050
51 protecting ring Part No. E285070070
52 The starting air joint Part No. E285070080
53 Cooling water connector Part No. E285070090
54 O-ring Part No. E285070150
55 O-ring Part No. E280230350
56 Stigma socket head cap screw M12×70 Part No. Z212012070zz
57 O-ring323×5.7 Part No. Z560732357ZZ
58 O-ring P30 Part No. Z560103035ZZ
59 Cylinder assembly (including item 50-58)

  1. Intake valve
    60 Intake valve Part No. E285770020
    61 Rotary valve mechanism Part No. E285770060
    62 Card block Part No. E285770080
    63 spring seat Part No. E285770120
  2. Exhaust valve
    64 Exhaust valve Part No. E285870030
  3. fuel injection equipment
    65 gasket25 Part No. Z565002500ZZ
    66 O-ring G60 Part No. Z560206031DZ
    67 O-ring Part No. E286270100
    68 O-ring Part No. Z560205531DZ
    69 O-ring Part No. Z560204531DZ
    70 bolt M12×55 Part No. X205012055ZZ
    71 Stigma socket head cap screw M12×80 Part No. Z21201208ZZ
    72 bolt M14 Part No. X220014000ZZ
    73 set screw M6×6 Part No. X251206006ZZ
    74 High pressure oil pipe connection Part No. E286270010
    75 joint Part No. E286270030
    76 High-pressure tubing sets Part No. E286270060
    77 nozzle pressing plate Part No. E286270070
    78 stee ball Part No. E286270270
    79 nozzle assembly Part No. E286270360
    80 nozzle DLF140UB5210 Part No. E286270330
    81 pin Part No. E286273020
    82 push rod Part No. E32653030
    83 pin Part No. E32623050
    84 spring seat Part No. E326253050
    85 nozzle spring Part No. E286273070
    86 adjusting screw Part No. E286273080
    87 gasket Part No. E326253100
    88 Cap nuts Part No. E326273120
    89 nut Part No. E226950310
    90 support nut Part No. E326273190
    91 inlet connecting pipe Part No. E286273200
    92 gasket 14-2 Part No. Z567001402CC
    93 nozzle red copper gasket Part No. ¢35×¢24×2
  4. indicator valve and safty valve
    94 gasket 17 Part No. Z565001700ZZ
    95 cylinder indicator valve and safty valve assembly Part No. E206959610
  5. air distributor
    96 rotary valve(1) Part No. E321370080
    97 rotary valve(2) Part No. E321370090
    98 gasket Part No. C261300150
    99 bush Part No. E281370140
    100 gasket Part No. E281370150
    101 gasket Part No. E281370200
    102 nut M12×35 Part No. X200012035ZZ
    103 nut M12 Part No. X220012000ZZ
    104 gasket 13 Part No. Z565001300ZZ
    105 hexagonal socket head plug 1/4 Part No. X570002000ZZ
    106 gasket Part No. Z565008500ZZ
    107 Ladder pin 8×25 Part No. Z336008025ZZ
  6. piston and connecting rod
    108 piston assembly(including locking ring,piston pin and piston ring)
    109 connecting rod assembly
    110 piston pin assembly
    111 piston ring(1) Part No. E285170180
    112 piston ring(2) Part No. E285170190
    113 piston ring(3) Part No. E285170200
    114 oilring Part No. E285170220
    115 oilring Part No. E285170230
    116 locking ring Part No. E285170270
    117 specialized round pin Part No. E205250080
    118 round nut Part No. E325670200
    119 stop nut Part No. E320250260
    120 nozzle Part No. E205250150
    121 wire 1.8×200 Part No. Z321018020ZZ
    122 round pin 6×16 Part No. Z335006016ZZ
  7. High-pressure pump
    123 High-pressure pump assembly Part No. E286470030
    124 plunger matching parts Part No. E286472090
    125 positioning screw Part No. E286472100
    126 O-ring Part No. E286472130
    127 delivery valve Part No. E286472150
    128 O-ring Part No. E326472180
    129 snap ring Part No. E326472190
    130 bolt Part No. E326472200
    131 O-ring Part No. E326472210
    132 snap ring Part No. E326472230
    133 plunger spring Part No. E326472250
    134 spring seat Part No. E326472260
    135 spring seat Part No. E326472270
    136 Guide bush Part No. E326472300
    137 retainer ring Part No. E326472310
    138 control rod lack Part No. E326472340
    139 Control gear ring Part No. E326472350
    140 set screw Part No. E326472450
    141 gasket Part No. E326472460
    142 hydro-cyinder Part No. E326472500ZZ
    143 gasket Part No. E326472510ZZ
    144 oil-taking Part No. E326472520ZZ
    145 hollow bolt Part No. E326472550ZZ
    146 gasket Part No. E326472560ZZ
    147 plug srew Part No. E326472600ZZ
    148 gasket Part No. E326472610ZZ
  8. exhaust pipe
    149 exhaust pipegasket Part No. E282170500
    150 exhaust pipegasketPart No. E282170640
    151 bolt M16×40 Part No. X200016040DZ
    152 expansion joint Part No. E282170150
    153 expansion joint Part No. E282170600
    154 plug screw 3/4 Part No. X570006000DZ
    155 gasket27 Part No. Z56502700ZZ
    156 plug screw 1/2 Part No. X570004000DZ
    157 gasket bolt M20×65 Part No. X2050200065ZZ
    159 gasket20 Part No. Z315020000ZZ
    160 gasket10 Part No. Z315010000DZ
    161 bolt M10×55 Part No. X205010055ZZ
    162 exhaust pipe gasket Part No. E282170190
    163 T/C import gasket Part No. E262170220
  9. cooling water pipe series (supercharger postposition )
    164 ball valve Part No. Y011110154ZZ
    165 O-ringP75 Part No. Z560107557ZZ
    166 O-ringP44 Part No. Z560104435ZZ

14.fuel oil filter(please provid foto of assembly and nameplace of filter)
167 filter element assembly Part No. Y529000301ZZ
168 O-ring Part No. Y529000037AZ
169 O-ring Part No. Y529000038ZZ
170 seal ring Part No. Y529000041ZZ
171 stop lever spring Part No. Y529000071ZZ
172 spring Part No. Y529000149ZZ
173 seal ring(bleeder pipe) Part No. Y529000189ZZ
174 seal ring(sleeve nut) Part No. Y529000199ZZ
175 bleeder cock Part No. Y529000213ZZ
176 ball valve Part No. C060802350
177 plug screw Part No. C060802510
178 gasket Part No. C060802670
179 gasket Part No. C060802680

  1. thermometer
    180 thermometer 100℃ Part No. Y241004000ZB
    181 thermometer 100℃ Part No. Y231004000ZB
    182 thermometer 200℃ Part No. Y232003140ZA
    183 gasket17 Part No. Z565001700CC
    184 gasket21 Part No. Z565002100ZZ
    185 thermometer 500℃ Part No. Y255004160ZZ
    186 gasket 21 Part No. Z56502100ZZ

16、intake and exhaust lifting device and push rod
187 push rod Part No. E286870020
188 protecting bush Part No. E286870090
189 O-ring G45 Part No. Z560204531ZZ

  1. rocker arm
    190 adjusting screw Part No. E285970120
    191 nut M18×1.5 Part No. X220818000ZZ
    192 nut M20×1.6 Part No. X220820000ZZ
    193 shaft spring gasket65 Part No. Z411006500ZZ
    194 nut M20×25 Part No. X220020000ZZ
    195 tighten nut M6×8 Part No. X251206008ZZ
    196 tighten nut M10×12 Part No. X251210012ZZ
    197 anap ring Part No. E285970240
    198 grease adjusting screw Part No. E285970280
    199 valve bridge seat1 Part No. E285970160
    200 valve bridge seat2 Part No. E285970200
    201 valve bridge seat adjusting screw Part No. E285970180
    202 valve bridge seat Part No. E285970040
    203 Head Block Part No. E285970140

19、control rod
204 control rod bearing 1 Part No. E281670020
205 control rod bearing2 Part No. E201650050
206 rack oscillating bar Part No. E281670100
207 coupling Part No. E201650110
208 resetting spring seat Part No. E201650120
209 oscillating bar resetting spring Part No. E321650251
210 connecing rod pin Part No. E201650160
211 connecing rod Part No. E281670170
212 spheroidal bearing Part No. E201650190
213 spacer sleeve Part No. E201650200
214 gasket Part No. E201650210
215 dedicated bolt Part No. E321670330
216 U-type nutM6 Part No. X227006000ZZ
217 set screw M8×16 Part No. X250108016ZZ
218 Toothed nut gasket 10 Part No. Z315010000ZZ
219 soket head cap screw M10×35 Part No. Z212010035ZZ
220 spring pin Part No. Z415005040ZZ
221 rolling bearing Part No. Z451460050ZZ
222 retainer ring retainer ring47 Part No. Z412004700ZZ

  1. body side cover and blind cover
    223 O-ring Part No. E280370090
    224 hexagon nut with flange Part No. E280350220
    225 hexagon nut with flange Part No. E280370150
    226 O-ring Part No. E280370230
    227 cover plate gasket(2)Part No. E280470070
    228 cover plate gasket(3) Part No. E280470100
    229 bolt M12×25 Part No. X200012025ZZ
    230 bolt M16×30 Part No. X200016030ZZ
  2. fuel oil filter(please provid foto of assembly and nameplace of filter)
    231 filiter element assembly Part No. C060700240
    232 seal gasket Part No. Y529000025ZZ
    233 seal gasket Part No. Y529000034ZZ
    234 seal gasket Part No. C060902020
    235 seal gasket Part No. Y529000155ZZ
    236 seal gasket Part No. Y529000178ZZ
    237 seal gasket Part No. Y529000189ZZ
    238 seal gasket Part No. Y529000200ZZ
    239 seal gasket Part No. C060702460
    240 supercharger assembly (fuel oil filter mating to Shanchai) Part No. C060902240
    241 pipe joint Part No. C060702860
    242 joint Part No. C060702870
    243 valve Part No. C060702880
  3. high-pressure oil pump lifting device
    244 adjusting screw Part No. W31511910
    245 dedicated U-type nut Part No. E286770140
    246 O-ring Part No. Z560209531ZZ
    247 gasket Part No. E286770190
    248 bolt M6×12 Part No. X200006012ZZ
    249 nut M18×25 Part No. X22001800ZZ
  4. main starting valve and operating valve
    250 starting valve Part No. C040290010
    251 main starting valve
    252 valve rod Part No. S108700050
    253 valve Part No. S108700060
    254 valve seat Part No. S108700070
    255 valve cover Part No. S108700080
    256 nut Part No. S108700090
    257 cotter Part No. S108700100
    258 piston Part No. S108700130
    259 snap ring Part No. S108700140
    260 protecting bush Part No. S108700150
    261 stop ring Part No. S108700160
    262 valve body Part No. S108700190
    263 end cap Part No. S108700200
    264 piston Part No. S108700230
    265 nut Part No. S108700240
    266 cotter Part No. S108700250
    267 spring Part No. S108700260
    268 guide holder Part No. S108700340
    269 stop ring Part No. S108700350
    270 cotter Part No. S108700510
    271 O-ring Part No. Z560206531ZZ
    272 O-ring Part No. Z560103435ZZ
    273 O-ring Part No. Z560101624ZZ
    274 O-ring Part No. Z560101224ZZ
    275 O-ring Part No. Z560104935ZZ
    276 O-ring Part No. Z560205031ZZ
    277 O-ring Part No. Z560101024ZZ
    278 O-ring Part No. Z560001418ZZ

1 TROCHOID PUMP ASSY B15R Part No. C032390020A