YANMAR Diesel Engine Spare Parts TYPE: 8N330-EN

When the diesel engine works, the air in the diesel engine cylinder is compressed and the temperature rises, the diesel fuel injected into the cylinder at a regular time is ignited and burned, producing high temperature and high pressure gas, and the gas expansion drives the piston to do work, converting the heat energy into mechanical work.

The working cycle of a diesel engine consists of intake, compression, fuel injection, ignition and combustion, expansion and exhaust. These processes can be carried out by four-stroke or two-stroke diesel engines.

1a Suction valve Part No. 132653-11100
1b Suction valve
2a Eshaust valve Part No. 132654-11122
2b Eshaust valve
3 Suction valve guide Part No. 132654-11161
4 Exhaust valve guide Part No. 132654-11171
5 Seal, valve stem Part No. 132653-11580
6 Rotator, valve Part No. 132653-11560
7 Suction valve seat Part No. 132654-11840
8 Valve spring(outer) Part No. 132659-11461
9 Valve spring(inter) Part No. 132659-11471
10 Guide , bridge Part No. 132654-11500
11 Exhaust valve seat(cooling) Part No. 132654-11092
12 O-ring(up, valve seat) Part No. 132654-11800
13 O-ring(lower, valve seat) Part No. 132654-11810
14 Cottor Comp. Part No. 132653-11971
15 Spring holder Part No. 132653-11140
16 Sleeve, nozzle Part No. 132654-11751
17 Gasket Part No. 132654-11760
18 Studbolt M20x1,5×335 Part No. GB\T899M20x1,5×170
19 Studbolt M20x1,5×335 Part No. GB\T899M20x1,5×335
20 Nut M20x1,5 Part No. GB\T6171M20x1,5
21 O-ring Part No. 24316-000750
22 Packing (FO,nozzle) Part No. 132654-11771