WARTSILA FLEX 10RT96 Diesel Engine

Structural characteristics of wartsila intelligent diesel engine

1. Electronically controlled diesel engine, also known as intelligent diesel engine, is a new diesel engine that applies electronic equipment and software to Marine diesel engine and becomes an important part of it.

2. Mainly is the application of electronic control technology, by controlling the fuel injection timing, injection volume, injection rate, pressure and inlet and exhaust valve timing and effectively implemented so as to achieve the performance of the diesel engine under various load optimization to meet the latest emissions requirements, to improve the efficiency, reliability, control flexibility and prolong service life.

3. VEC device is adopted to change the timing of air valve through electronic control device, so that the lift of air valve can be appropriately reduced and the pressure of cylinder can be appropriately increased during low load operation. Ensure the economy of diesel engine operation.

4. The cooling of cylinder liner is controlled according to the load: the cooling water system is partially bypassed under partial load, and the surface temperature of cylinder liner in operation is kept above the dew point to avoid low temperature corrosion of cylinder liner material under low load.

5. According to the load control cylinder oil system: so that the running engine can obtain the best fuel supply rate according to the load and running state.

Maker: WARTSILA Diesel Engine

Type: FLEX 10RT96

Power: 66700KW

Speed: 92-102 rpm

Qty: 2 sets